Crowned head inner you!

This is not written to you. Its for the inside other you who I think we may have a connection as we share a lot even though we are not aware how. This is for the other inside you living with many possible uncertain thoughts and over thinking excitements in which you some how feel they are nothing but a day dream. This is for the lancer hearted solider inside of you in which life is pulling down and laminating you to the constraints that are giving you a hard time.

I talk to the ingenue but innately matured, fray zoned hearted but somehow fraughted by many social scenarios, an interventionist you who thrives to achieve greatness within yourself! A Dichotomy this may seem, these separate innate behavioral elements you have, make you even more gracious, your opposed combination of an oil laying down on the surface of a water would make you even more lighting conductor through your way.  

Yes! You! The one living with so many hazy feasible possibilities surrounding you but still fighting! fighting to prove yourself to confront and to make every single day of your sweat count! The one struggling with defining your path every step of the way. Look at yourself in the mirror and say that you are proud of your own self! Delighted not because of your victory over your failures, but because of the possessions you own bumped up with your qualities and deep satisfaction.

I want you to bear in mind that, most things in this sphere of ours are made but you are created. The demarcation laying between these two may puzzle you! That’s okay. Take your time to see the whole existence of you for a minute. Every part of you that functions, including the ones you are using to detect your unique physic, makes you the stunning most bewildering being that ever existed!

Of course, I understand that your surrounding that you are used to, the people that are residing with you and the comprehension of yourself that sums up your overall worth may have a detrimental pressure on you finding out who you really are, what you are made of and what your inner potential can do! Processing your innate facts may also be an additional constraint blocking you from unlocking your true protentional and awaken the greatness with in you!

But at the end of the day, it’s how Confucius said, “the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”. Use your inner, undiscovered potential to unlock. You are your own Architect in life. mold a great originator out of it!


Destination without Departure?!

No doubt that heritages are the spinal cords carrying the beingness history of a whole nation in which a certain people belongs to. Their relevance builds up ones’ society in terms of psychological privilege, economic development, and of course, great source of norms and ethical codes with in society. Seemingly blurry disadvantages, derived from the absence of these heritages are indeed the missing puzzles that needs to be navigated.

In the case of our continent Africa, it’s a hard work required for reclaiming the lost African heritages due to invasions during pre and post-colonial periods, smuggling and other historical coincidences. Ethiopia, as the oldest nation in the continent and the globe, lost too many heritages residing in different parts of the world, gained through smuggling and invasions most importantly.

For instance, Britain, the Mekdela Heritages, around 150 years ago, took bunch of looted bounty which consumed about 200 mules and 15 elephants to transport, setting fire to the rest they couldn’t take along and God knows what else. in addition to those, about 350 manuscripts were taken by Richard Holmes alone, of course!

Germany, on the other hands obtained hundreds of manuscripts and scrolls, another wealth of knowledge written before the rest of the world didn’t, dating back to the glorious and enchanting times of this nation, collected by Enno Littman and Johannes Flemming. French also took 350 indigenous Ethiopian manuscripts due to the sponsorship of Dakar Djibouti mission.

Now I know there are too many abundant sites and article talking about the lost heritages of African Nations and how difficult it would be to restore them so. But I don’t think no one, including the nations who claims their treasure ownership, gave emphasis to the fact that the manuscripts stolen, the monuments lost, the clothing’s that are missing and inscriptions misplaced means more than pride and image to a continent with the lowest of every standards. Be it Economical development, living standards, GDP, and other social sectors.

Looking back to most of western countries greatness antiquity, it is crystal clear to see that their descendant generations kept learning from what their forefathers placed them. They got the chance to explore that and enhance their present survival at its best optimal pace. In Africa the whole game is different. I mean apart from the fact that we are not able to be ourselves due to various reasons, it’s very hard to believe what parents and society tells about who we are, while our museum who were supposedly responsible to give us the evidence to the latter dictations, are almost empty.

If one is not to learn from the fingerprints and footsteps of its forefathers, then what’s the use of everything?! Shouldn’t we be the ones to pay a visit for our own heritages in our own land? Wouldn’t the identity and history of those posts representing us, behind the mirrors gives us the validity to claim what is rightfully ours!  I mean ask yourself, what could possibly be worse than traveling across the ocean in search of your own history?! Nothing!

Place your pace

Ask yourself, where do you want to place your effort in to, for life long, half of it or even the small portion of it in to work and do something that’s greater than your initially placed perception of your potential?! Do you tend to exercise your efforts in to the small portioned, yet heavy loaded self-destructive hate stands, or would you prefer your inner God-perfection ed stand?! The consequences of our actions through out our lives gain their validity from the above two.

Of course, We weren’t put in the best position to do everything right, to response everything well! We weren’t! life plays tough and our armors may not be bullet proof. Our expectation and goal may not match what the ugly truth of Life offers. This is when your inner part, the part you never knew existed until it shows up knocking your mindset door requesting to do the right thing by using your optimal, best ideal option to the problem or constants that’s facing you currently.

Basically, most of us tend to be good at playing the characters from the hate stand as we think that being part of the later stand would make us look like strong, unshakeable or tough somehow! We tend to be more heartless, ignorant and pessimist because of the overly dominated wrong conception of what our true nature offers to the over all survival of our selves.

Serving ourselves in this very limited time that we have in this world, may not be an easy task in terms of the above-mentioned mindsets that we develop over time by neglecting our innate Goodness which we gained naturally. At the end of the day, its obvious that no one wants a hard job and prefers an easy one of course, therefore, to hate is easy, to revenge is simple and betrayal is effortless.

In the contrary, the deal which requires a great earnest and enthusiasm is being good. To be infatuated, to tender, to bear, to perceive someone is a grand scale. Do good and you will crown yourself forever and never be disappointed because, possess righteousness and you will appoint and reign with a full control of your beingness for the rest of your life. Pay your virtuous tribute to people and they will plead you in their prayers despite of your little flaws.

The question is, to what extent are you willing to pursue the above? Good is in you. Its time you give it a shot. The time to unravel the inborn power of you is now. What are you waiting for?!  Start today. Unleash it now!

The omitted truth

What are the odds of creating our very livelihood based on the fact that the existing linkage between our enormous creative minds and our mechanical powered hands are only enough? What are the chances for the sole existence of the cycle which tends to be about earning of a cash to supply the table? What are the consequences of us neglecting truths and facts behind the curtain of our existing stage of our humanly life. To what extent do we embrace our flaws that happened due to the failure of us not exploring what the “behind curtains” mere facts would tell and give us.

Well I think, our behind neglected truth, most ignored innate facts, generates from forgetting what our society is there for and by forgetting that we are part of this giant group! unfortunately, the chances we took on the society who gave us everything, made us the ultimate bystander of our own precious creation. In my view, I think it is obvious to see that, our worlds currently issue a raise their origin from the above mentioned neglected truths of the SOCIETY.

The huge Dilemma that’s causing the heartbreaking irritating, disappointing and sometimes confusing news headlines are centered between what we have in mind for one society to enhance AND executing or performing those ideas by destroying and neglecting what the society really needs. The integrated socio economical, cultural and scientifically formulated principles in which the society shaped the generation with, are washing off by the terms or stamps used in the name of flourishing and helping the society out of the surrounding and living problems.

Focusing on the positive various commonly shared values, norms and standards of humanly resolution methods found on different part of the world Is the best possible way of resolving most of our crisis. The more we concentrate on things, possibilities, innovative carrier of the integrated world mass, the greater the outcomes shine. Our ground-breaking measures should circulate and draw their master piece on matters relating to our co existing issues and not for the who cares less win’s game!

You don’t know

Mystery awaits!

Have you ever asked yourself how much you know about the things you believe and acknowledge so for a fact?! Have you Ever questioned yourself about how you know what you supposedly know?! How much do you honestly put your trust in to those things in your head labeled as well clarified and well coded knowledge, fact, faith or intellect?! so I ask, again, how much do you think you know? how further would the facts that you believe you know would take you? How certain are you with the fact that the amount of Trust you put in to yourself would lead you in to the verge of calling what you have in mind as a view, perspective or opinion?

Well, let me leave half of you with the mathematics and borrow the other half to guide you to something I know you think and believe you know but don’t. to the place you swear you have been but didn’t. oh, and, you should know by now writing you this, is truly a privilege giving me the ultimate gracious joy for letting you know about this mysterious most silent-toned yet with a loud roar history with an absolute ignorance of a lectern. What I am about to tell you may not Have theaters with Homers ink, Hollywood art or Cartoon displays for that matter. In fact, the only popular means of discovering is, reading about it among the ocean filled with tons of words mentioned as an example for the word famine. But hey, you can never accuse your neighbor for gossiping your secrets around the village because you failed to keep your tone down! What can I say, timing in relation to people’s chemistry went bad enough to provide the above example!

How glorious and abundant resource of soico political and economic, cultural, civilization, development and peak of all human modernization would 8,000 years of history generate! I mean how often do you see that?! You and me both know that the answer is NO. let me introduce you to the unpredictable state of minded people where you can witness both how sincere love and pure anger emerges within the daily life they carry On. With a gorges nature who gave birth to the very first Mankind. Home for the lancer hearten serf laborers to the set of thrones of the royalties. With no recorded for subjugation of both the mind and the body and the soul and the land. I take you to the Place in which misfits and mistakes, treason and mistrust expectations and realities paradox were washed off by blood. Here the writers have lesser work load as the escapes of merely placed rocks and mountains speaks for themselves, painters rest their fingers as there is nothing like observing that beauty with your eyes as it is a perfection, labels are nothing but stamps as the people doesn’t need those things because of their unique face and body structure for he who see will says It all.

This is the place where religion and faith correlates people with each other through obedience and love. Are you with me? You are still there right. Okay. Food? Well it originates is beingness from the smallest seed of all the grain family with absolutely no side effects for all types of diseases. Supplied by an amazing abundant resource of water crowned by the tile as the’ Water tower of Africa’! I Am sure, by now, you are wondering about what I am talking about or may be guessed something, and it is puzzling your mind. Well I hope you find it, as my scripts right from the top are too obvious to say it so.