Place your pace

Ask yourself, where do you want to place your effort in to, for life long, half of it or even the small portion of it in to work and do something that’s greater than your initially placed perception of your potential?! Do you tend to exercise your efforts in to the small portioned, yet heavy loaded self-destructive hate stands, or would you prefer your inner God-perfection ed stand?! The consequences of our actions through out our lives gain their validity from the above two.

Of course, We weren’t put in the best position to do everything right, to response everything well! We weren’t! life plays tough and our armors may not be bullet proof. Our expectation and goal may not match what the ugly truth of Life offers. This is when your inner part, the part you never knew existed until it shows up knocking your mindset door requesting to do the right thing by using your optimal, best ideal option to the problem or constants that’s facing you currently.

Basically, most of us tend to be good at playing the characters from the hate stand as we think that being part of the later stand would make us look like strong, unshakeable or tough somehow! We tend to be more heartless, ignorant and pessimist because of the overly dominated wrong conception of what our true nature offers to the over all survival of our selves.

Serving ourselves in this very limited time that we have in this world, may not be an easy task in terms of the above-mentioned mindsets that we develop over time by neglecting our innate Goodness which we gained naturally. At the end of the day, its obvious that no one wants a hard job and prefers an easy one of course, therefore, to hate is easy, to revenge is simple and betrayal is effortless.

In the contrary, the deal which requires a great earnest and enthusiasm is being good. To be infatuated, to tender, to bear, to perceive someone is a grand scale. Do good and you will crown yourself forever and never be disappointed because, possess righteousness and you will appoint and reign with a full control of your beingness for the rest of your life. Pay your virtuous tribute to people and they will plead you in their prayers despite of your little flaws.

The question is, to what extent are you willing to pursue the above? Good is in you. Its time you give it a shot. The time to unravel the inborn power of you is now. What are you waiting for?!  Start today. Unleash it now!


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