The omitted truth

What are the odds of creating our very livelihood based on the fact that the existing linkage between our enormous creative minds and our mechanical powered hands are only enough? What are the chances for the sole existence of the cycle which tends to be about earning of a cash to supply the table? What are the consequences of us neglecting truths and facts behind the curtain of our existing stage of our humanly life. To what extent do we embrace our flaws that happened due to the failure of us not exploring what the “behind curtains” mere facts would tell and give us.

Well I think, our behind neglected truth, most ignored innate facts, generates from forgetting what our society is there for and by forgetting that we are part of this giant group! unfortunately, the chances we took on the society who gave us everything, made us the ultimate bystander of our own precious creation. In my view, I think it is obvious to see that, our worlds currently issue a raise their origin from the above mentioned neglected truths of the SOCIETY.

The huge Dilemma that’s causing the heartbreaking irritating, disappointing and sometimes confusing news headlines are centered between what we have in mind for one society to enhance AND executing or performing those ideas by destroying and neglecting what the society really needs. The integrated socio economical, cultural and scientifically formulated principles in which the society shaped the generation with, are washing off by the terms or stamps used in the name of flourishing and helping the society out of the surrounding and living problems.

Focusing on the positive various commonly shared values, norms and standards of humanly resolution methods found on different part of the world Is the best possible way of resolving most of our crisis. The more we concentrate on things, possibilities, innovative carrier of the integrated world mass, the greater the outcomes shine. Our ground-breaking measures should circulate and draw their master piece on matters relating to our co existing issues and not for the who cares less win’s game!


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