You don’t know

Mystery awaits!

Have you ever asked yourself how much you know about the things you believe and acknowledge so for a fact?! Have you Ever questioned yourself about how you know what you supposedly know?! How much do you honestly put your trust in to those things in your head labeled as well clarified and well coded knowledge, fact, faith or intellect?! so I ask, again, how much do you think you know? how further would the facts that you believe you know would take you? How certain are you with the fact that the amount of Trust you put in to yourself would lead you in to the verge of calling what you have in mind as a view, perspective or opinion?

Well, let me leave half of you with the mathematics and borrow the other half to guide you to something I know you think and believe you know but don’t. to the place you swear you have been but didn’t. oh, and, you should know by now writing you this, is truly a privilege giving me the ultimate gracious joy for letting you know about this mysterious most silent-toned yet with a loud roar history with an absolute ignorance of a lectern. What I am about to tell you may not Have theaters with Homers ink, Hollywood art or Cartoon displays for that matter. In fact, the only popular means of discovering is, reading about it among the ocean filled with tons of words mentioned as an example for the word famine. But hey, you can never accuse your neighbor for gossiping your secrets around the village because you failed to keep your tone down! What can I say, timing in relation to people’s chemistry went bad enough to provide the above example!

How glorious and abundant resource of soico political and economic, cultural, civilization, development and peak of all human modernization would 8,000 years of history generate! I mean how often do you see that?! You and me both know that the answer is NO. let me introduce you to the unpredictable state of minded people where you can witness both how sincere love and pure anger emerges within the daily life they carry On. With a gorges nature who gave birth to the very first Mankind. Home for the lancer hearten serf laborers to the set of thrones of the royalties. With no recorded for subjugation of both the mind and the body and the soul and the land. I take you to the Place in which misfits and mistakes, treason and mistrust expectations and realities paradox were washed off by blood. Here the writers have lesser work load as the escapes of merely placed rocks and mountains speaks for themselves, painters rest their fingers as there is nothing like observing that beauty with your eyes as it is a perfection, labels are nothing but stamps as the people doesn’t need those things because of their unique face and body structure for he who see will says It all.

This is the place where religion and faith correlates people with each other through obedience and love. Are you with me? You are still there right. Okay. Food? Well it originates is beingness from the smallest seed of all the grain family with absolutely no side effects for all types of diseases. Supplied by an amazing abundant resource of water crowned by the tile as the’ Water tower of Africa’! I Am sure, by now, you are wondering about what I am talking about or may be guessed something, and it is puzzling your mind. Well I hope you find it, as my scripts right from the top are too obvious to say it so.


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